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The Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES) was founded in 2005 by merging various previously separate institutes, with the aim of coordinating research and teaching in the field of crop production and resource conservation.
A wide range of research fields are covered by the institute’s 15 professors, including soil science, microbiology, plant pathology, molecular-physiological basics of stress resistance, functional genome analyses, plant breeding and plant cultivation.
The excellently-equipped laboratories, the service platform for plant experiments, as well as the two outstations “Wiesengut” and “Campus Klein-Altendorf” offer an ideal infrastructure and staff support for the conduction of research and teaching.
The large range of research topics explored between yield maximization and minimization of resource consumption is also reflected in teaching at different academic degrees, such as the Bachelor programs in “Agricultural Science” and “Science Nutrition and Food Science”, as well as serveral Master's degree programs.


INRES Professors:

Name Title E-Mail Institute
Amelung, Wulf Prof. Dr.    INRES - General Soil Science and Soil Ecology
Becker, Mathias Prof. Dr.    INRES - Plant Nutrition
Djamei, Armin Prof. Dr.  
INRES - Plant Pathology
Döring, Thomas Prof. Dr.  
INRES - Agroecology and Organic Farming Group
Ewert, Frank Prof. Dr. (on secondment)  
INRES - Plant Production
Gaiser, Thomas Dr. (substitute professorship)  
INRES - Plant Production
Grundler, Florian Prof. Dr.    INRES - Molecular Phytomedicine
Hochholdinger, Frank Prof. Dr.    INRES - Crop Functional Genomics
Knief, Claudia Prof. Dr.    INRES - Molecular Biology of the Rhizophere
Lüdeling, Eike Prof. Dr.    INRES - Horticultural Science
Mason, Annaliese Prof. Dr.    INRES - Plant Breeding
Meyer, Andreas Prof. Dr.    INRES - Chemical Signalling
Pude, Ralf Apl. Prof. Dr.    INRES - Renewable Resources
Schaaf, Gabriel Prof. Dr.    INRES - Plant Nutrition
Schoof, Heiko Prof. Dr.    INRES - Crop Bioinformatics
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