Ruben Remelgado
  • Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation (INRES)
  • Phenorob
Research topics
  • Global ecosystem mapping and accounting
  • Science-policy interfaces in biodiversity monitoring
  • Data biases and their influence on knowledge
  • Synergies between biodiversity and remote sensing data
Selected publications
  • Remelgado, R., Zaitov, S., Kenjabaev, S., et al. (2020). A crop type dataset for consistent land cover classification in Central Asia. Scientific data.
    Schwalb‐Willmann, J., Remelgado, R., Safi, K., Wegmann, M. (2020). moveVis: Animating movement trajectories in synchronicity with static or temporally dynamic environmental data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution.
  • Remelgado, R., Safi, K., Wegmann, M. (2020). From ecology to remote sensing: using animals to map land cover. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation
  • Remelgado, R., Wegmann, M., Safi, K. (2019). rsmove – An r package to bridge remote sensing and movement ecology. Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • Remelgado, R., Leutner, B., Safi, K., Sonnenschein, R., et al. (2018). Linking animal movement and remote sensing–mapping resource suitability from a remote sensing perspective. Remote Sensing Ecology and Conservation
Ruben Remelgado
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