18. August 2020

BonnMu collection is still expanding BonnMu collection is still expanding

The latest BonnMu release (as of 08-17-2020) adds > 5,000 genes tagged by Mu transposons. Our BonnMu collection is still expanding to archive genes tagged by germinal Mu insertions.

BonnMu - transposon-induced mutations © Caroline Marcon/ University of Bonn
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Currently, sequencing of 2,880 segregating F2-stocks in B73 background and 576 F2-stocks in Co125 background detected 95,077 unique heritable Mu insertions covering 21,613 of 44,117 (49%) genes of the filtered gene set. Mu insertions can be browsed at maizegdb (https://www.maizegdb.org) and corresponding F2-stocks can be requested free of charge: marcon@uni-bonn.de.

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