Yan Naing Win
Yan Naing Win
Research topics
My research centers on the development of a sequence-indexed collection of transposon tagged maize mutants as a novel public resource and the identification of novel root mutants.
Selected publications

Win YN
, Stöcker T, Du X, Brox A, Pitz M, Klaus A, Schoof H, Hochholdinger F, Marcon C (2024) Expanding the BonnMu sequence-indexed repository of transposon induced maize (Zea mays L.) mutations in dent and flint germplasm. bioRxiv 2024.02.24.581857. Free Article

Stöcker T, Altrogge L, Marcon C, Win YN, Hochholdinger F, Schoof H (2022) MuWU: Mu-seq library analysis and annotation. Bioinformatics 38: 837-838. PubMed

Marcon C, Altrogge L, Win Y, Stöcker T, Gardiner J, Portwood J, Opitz N, Kortz A, Baldauf J, Hunter C, McCarty D, Koch K, Schoof H, Hochholdinger F (2020) BonnMu: a sequence-indexed resource of transposon induced maize mutations for functional genomics studies. Plant Physiol 184: 620-631. PubMed Free Article

Yan Naing Win
Yan Naing Win

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