Figure 1

Figure 1. An examplarily BonnMu genotyping experiment. A) One BonnMu stocks harbors a Mu insertion in the roothair defective 3 (rth3) gene (Hochholdinger et al., 2008). The rth3 mutants lack roothairs. B) Cartoon of the rth3 gene, disrupted by a Mu insertion in the single exon. The internal Mu-sequence is shown in yellow, the terminal inverted repeat (TIR) at either end of the transposon is shown in red. Positions of a rth3-specific forward (For) and reverse primer (Rev) are illustrated as green and purple arrows. These primers flank the insertion site. The red arrows display the outward reading TIR-specific primer of the Mu transposon. C) PCR analysis using WT DNA and rth3 mutant DNA as template. Gene-specific For and Rev primers amplified a specific PCR-product of expected size from WT DNA, wheras no PCR product was amplified with rth3 DNA samples as template. In contrast, only dominant products of expected size were amplified from the mutant DNA, when gene-specific primers were combined with the MuTIR primer.
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