Maryam Cissé
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Maryam Cissé

INRES - Sustainable Crop Production

Auf dem Hügel 6
D-53121 Bonn

Room 1.017
+49 228 73-5152


2022 – M.Sc. in Environmental Sciences, Geneva University, Switzerland
2018 – B.A. in History & Geography, Paris Sorbonne University, France

With a background in history, geography and later on environmental sciences, I had my first experience with crop sciences while doing my M.Sc. thesis in the Sustainable Agroecosystems group at ETH Zurich with the following subject: “Effect of integrated soil fertility management on soil N2O emissions from maize-based cropping systems in Kenya”.

During this project, I had the opportunity to work on demonstrating how recycling organic residues from previous harvest and using them as fertilizer could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural systems. The overall aim of the project was to develop a sustainable agricultural practice that could benefit smallholder farmers. This experience invited me to think about the essence of our practices and how environmental research could participate in addressing social challenges.

Currently pursuing a PhD within the Sustainable Crop Production group, I have an interest in analyzing how diversifying practices can affect the potential of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi to increase plant tolerance to drought.
Aware of the environmental crisis we are currently facing, it seems wise to me to design cropping systems under an innovative and multidisciplinary approach. I aspire to be an agent in this revolution.

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