11. April 2019

DFG-funding for Caroline Marcon DFG-funding for Caroline Marcon

Development of a sequence-indexed collection of transposon tagged maize mutants as a novel public resource and its application in root developmental biology.

Dr. Caroline Marcon
Dr. Caroline Marcon © Barbara Frommann/ University of Bonn
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In the DFG-funded project, Caroline Marcon together with her PhD student Yan Naing Win will expand our sequence-indexed collection by sequencing 2,304 mutator-tagged maize mutants in the genetic background of the French inbred line F7. F7 is an important genetic resource for central European maize research due to its stable growth properties under temperate climatic conditions and the availability of its genome sequence. The transposon-tagged maize mutants will be additionally used for forward genetic screens to identify root-specific mutations and to subsequently clone and characterize the related genes.

PhD student Yan Naing Win
PhD student Yan Naing Win - joining the reverse genetics resource project. © Barbara Frommann/ University of Bonn
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