NEW PUBLICATION: Unterseer et al. publish first two maize Flint reference sequences on preprint server bioRxiv

Sequencing and de novo assembly of the European Flint maize inbred lines EP1 and F7 adds the first two Flint reference genome sequences to the maize pan genome and increases the total number of maize reference genomes to six.

Dr. Nina Opitz erhält DMK-Förderpreis 2016

Dr. Nina Opitz wird für Ihre Dissertation "Transcriptomic plasticity in the maize (Zea mays L.) primary root and its tissues upon water deficit" der DMK-Förderpreis für Nachwuchswissenschaftler 2016 verliehen.


Li et al. describe the cloning and characterization of the rth6 mutant, which is defective in root hair development. The rth6 gene was mapped using a combination of BSRseq and Seq-walking. The gene is root hair specific and encodes a Cellulose synthase like D gene, which is involved in the synthesis of the secondary cell wall at the root hair shaft.

Lab Reunion in Beijing

Huanhuan Tai met former PhD student Yanxiang Zhang during a visit in Beijing.

Nina Opitz receives PhD certificate

Nina Opitz has received her PhD certificate from the dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Prof. Dr. P. Stehle.

New Greenhouse in Poppelsdorf

The Faculty of Agriculture and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science put new high-tech greenhouse into operation.

NEW PUBLICATION: Jutta Baldauf et al. publish paper in Plant Physiology highlighting transcriptomic patterns

Baldauf et al. highlight transcriptomic patterns underlying heterosis manifestation in primary roots of maize in an evolutionary context. Notably, nonsyntenic genes were significantly overrepresented among differential, nonadditive and allelic expression patterns in the reciprocal hybrids of the parental inbred lines B73 and Mo17.

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