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The Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation

was founded in 2005 by a consolidation of several institutes with the goal of coordinating and focusing research and teaching in the field of crop production and resource conservation.
The research of the 15 professors and several independent research groups is directed at a wide field ranging from soil science, microbiology, plant pathology, molecular physiological basis of stress resistance, functional genome analyses, plant breeding and crop production.

Frank Hochholdinger is the new head of the study group maize of the GPZ

Frank Hochholdinger took over the role of head of the study group maize (AG 11) of the German Society of Plant Breeding from Albrecht Melchinger (University of Bonn) who held this position for 30 years!

Prototyping grants #3: AI for research infrastructures, sustainable robots and antiviral nasal spray

Innovations in AI-assisted social sciences, sustainable agriculture and medicine are being funded in the third round of prototyping grants by the Transfer Center enaCom at the University of Bonn. Whether an AI solution for better understanding of scientific communities, a robot that treats weeds differently depending on the species, or a preventive nasal spray - scientists from the University of Bonn and the University Hospital Bonn are developing innovative prototypes for practical challenges of our time. With the prototyping grants, their research findings are prepared for a planned commercialization. The grants with a funding amount of up to €50,000 are regularly awarded by the Transfer Center.

Highly cited researchers at the University of Bonn

With a total of 11 researchers, the University of Bonn is represented this year in the international ranking "Highly Cited Researchers". According to the creators of the ranking, the individuals on this list of "Highly Cited Researchers" are among the world's most influential one percent of their field.

HortiBonn at Tropentag 2023 in Berlin

Tropentag, the largest interdisciplinary conference in Europe, recently unfolded its chapters in Berlin, and HortiBonn proudly contributed to the vibrant discussions on “Competing Pathways for Equitable Food Systems Transformation: Trade-offs and Synergies.”

PhenoRob | Interdisciplinary Lecture Series
Zoom conference ...
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
The next PhenoRob Interdisciplinary Lecture Series (PILS) will be held by Zbynek Malenovsky on the topic "Physically modelled scaling and machine-learning ...


INRES - Institute of Crop Science and Resource Conservation

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