Plant Science Colloquium with Prof. Dr. Hans-Henning Kunz

Chloroplasts are at the heart of plant and algae metabolism. Being optimized to harvest light energy they also represent a sensory hub in the plant cell to collect information from the environment. A detailed understanding of the plastid molecular mechanisms affected by environmental changes and how these changes are sensed by the organelle represents a cornerstone to design plants with improved stress tolerance and stable yields under adverse conditions. Over the last years our group has discovered several ion transport proteins in the plastid membranes. Through detailed studies of loss-of-function mutants we have gained insights into the physiological significance of the proteins and the chloroplast ion homeostasis. In my seminar talk I will present an overview of our latest findings and share unpublished data about where we think our current studies may evolve to. I hope you can make it.
Friday, 06.05.22 - 12:15 PM - 01:15 PM
Prof. Dr. Hans-Henning Kunz on "Chloroplast ion transport and its function in organelle development and stress signaling”
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Nussallee 4, Botany lecture hall
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Prof. Dr. Ute Vothknecht, IZMB, Plant Cell Biology

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