14. December 2021

Digital assistants in the field Digital assistants in the field

Food, feed, fibers and fuel: with demand growing, agriculture has a key role to play in the future of humanity and our planet. At the same time, the increasing scarcity of arable land and the impact of climate change are bringing problems such as drought, heat and other extreme weather events. In the PhenoRob Cluster of Excellence, therefore, researchers from different disciplines are working toward a common goal: unlocking more sustainable crop production with limited resources and thus shrinking the environmental footprint caused by cultivating plants. To this end, they are harnessing innovative digital technologies, including some from the world of robotics and artificial intelligence.

The big watchdog on the field
The big watchdog on the field - the robot and other technologies enable plants to be observed, analyzed, better understood and given targeted treatment. The device helps researchers to record key parameters such as plant growth, soil conditions, biodiversity and the atmosphere. © Volker Lannert/ University of Bonn
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