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Publications 2022

Gaugler P., Schneider R., Liu G., Qiu D., Weber J., Schmid J., Jork N., Häner M., Ritter K., Fernández Rebollo N., Giehl R.F.H., Trung M.N., Yadav R., Fiedler D., Gaugler V., Jessen H.J., Schaaf G., Laha D. (2022). Arabidopsis PFA-DSP-type phosphohydrolases target specific inositol pyrophosphate messengers. bioRxiv: 2022.2003.2001.482514 (

Mau L., Junker S., Bochmann H., Mihiret Y.E., Kelm J.M., Schrey S.D., Roessner U., Schaaf G., Watt M., Kant J., Arsova B. (2022). Root Growth and Architecture of Wheat and Brachypodium Vary in Response to Algal Fertilizer in Soil and Solution. Agronomy, 12, 285. doi: 10.3390/agronomy12020285

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