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Publications 2024

Baales J., Zeisler-Diehl V.V., Kreszies T., Klaus A., Hochholdinger F., Schreiber L. (2024). Transcriptomic changes in barley leaves induced by alcohol ethoxylates indicate potential pathways of surfactant detoxification. Sci Rep 14: 4535.

Becker M., Clavero R., Khin O. M., Kong S., Maung Z. N., Men P., Pariyar S., Regalado M.J.C., Ro S., Win K.K. (2024). System shift in rice: Processes and pathways of change in rice-based production systems of Southeast Asia. Agricultural Systems, 217, 103917.

He X., Wang D., Jiang Y., Li M., Delgado-Baquerizo M., McLaughlin C., Marcon C., Guo L., Baer M., Moya Y.A.T., von Wirén N., Deichmann M., Schaaf G., Piepho H.-P., Yang Z., Yang J., Yim B., Smalla K., Goormachtig S., de Vries F.T., Hüging H., Baer M., Sawers R.J.H.*, Reif J.C.*, Hochholdinger F.*, Chen X.*, Yu P.* (2024). Heritable microbiome variation is correlated with source environment in locally adapted maize varieties. Nature Plants.

Huang L., Ökmen B., Stolze S.C., Kastl M., Khan M., Hilbig D., Nakagami H., Djamei A.,  Doehlemann G. (2024). The fungal pathogen Ustilago maydis targets the maize corepressor RELK2 to modulate host transcription for tumorigenesis. New Phytolist, 241: 1747-1762.

Klaus A., Marcon C., Hochholdinger F. (2024). Spatiotemporal transcriptomic plasticity in barley roots: Unravelling water deficit responses in distinct root zones. BMC Genomics, 25: 79.

Li N., Li G., Wang D., Ma L., Huang X., Bai Z., Wang Y., Luo M., Luo Y., Zhu Y., Cao X., Feng Q., Xu Y., Mu J., An R., Yang C., Chen H., Li X., Dong Y., Zhao J., Jiang L., Jiang Y., Reif J.C., Hochholdinger F., Chen X., Wang D., Zhang Y., Bai Y., Yu P. (2024). Large-scale multi-omics analyses identified root-microbiome associations underlying plant nitrogen nutrition. bioRxiv.

Maina A.W., Oerke C.-E. (2024). Hyperspectral imaging for quantifying Magnaporthe oryzae sporulation on rice genotypes. Plant Methods 20: 87.

Maina A.W., Becker M., Oerke C.-E. (2024). Assessing Interactions between Nitrogen Supply and Leaf Blast in Rice by Hyperspectral Imaging. Remote Sens., 16(6): 939.

Win Y.N., Stöcker T., Du X., Brox A., Pitz M., Klaus A., Schoof H., Hochholdinger F., Marcon C. (2024). Expanding the BonnMu sequence-indexed repository of transposon induced maize (Zea mays L.) mutations in dent and flint germplasm. bioRxiv.

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