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Publications 2022

Chi C.-J. E., Zinsmeister D., Lai I.-L., Chang, S.-C. Kuo, Y.-L., Burkhardt J. (2022). Aerosol Impacts on Water Relations of Camphor (Cinnamomum camphora). Frontiers in Plant Science, 13(892096). doi: 10.3389/fpls.2022.892096

Gaugler P., Schneider R., Liu G., Qiu D., Weber J., Schmid J., Jork N., Häner M., Ritter K., Fernández Rebollo N., Giehl R.F.H., Trung M.N., Yadav R., Fiedler D., Gaugler V., Jessen H.J., Schaaf G., Laha D. (2022). Arabidopsis PFA-DSP-type phosphohydrolases target specific inositol pyrophosphate messengers. bioRxiv: 2022.2003.2001.482514 (

Mahmud S., Ullah C., Kortz A., Bhattacharyya S., Yu P., Gershenzon J., Vothknecht U.C. (2022). Constitutive expression of JASMONATE RESISTANT 1 induces molecular changes that prime the plants to better withstand drought. Plant Cell Environ., 45(8). doi: 10.1111/pce.14402

Mau L., Junker S., Bochmann H., Mihiret Y.E., Kelm J.M., Schrey S.D., Roessner U., Schaaf G., Watt M., Kant J., Arsova B. (2022). Root Growth and Architecture of Wheat and Brachypodium Vary in Response to Algal Fertilizer in Soil and Solution. Agronomy, 12, 285. doi: 10.3390/agronomy12020285

Shellakkutti N., Thangamani P.D., Suresh K., Baales J., Zeisler-Diehl V.V., Osthoff A., Hochholdinger F., Schreiber L., Kreszies T. (2022). Cuticular transpiration is not affected by enhanced wax and cutin amounts in response to osmotic stress in barley. Physiol Plant, 174: e13735.

Stöcker T., Altrogge L., Marcon C., Win Y.N., Hochholdinger F., Schoof H. (2022). MuWU: Mu-seq library analysis and annotation. Bioinformatics 38: 837-838.

Ugalde J.M., Aller I., Kudrjasova L., Schmidt R.R., Schlößer M., Homagk M., Fuchs P., Lichtenauer S., Schwarzländer M., Müller-Schüssele S.J., Meyer A.J. (2022). Endoplasmic reticulum oxidoreductin provides resilience against reductive stress and hypoxic conditions by mediating luminal redox dynamics. Plant Cell;

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