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During my research project QuAAP I focus on hyperspectral data and their use for evaluating quality parameters of mint plants (Mentha spp.). Those parameters are determined via hyperspectral data as well as via biochemical analyses. Goal is to create valid models for non-invasive quantification of important active substances. Data acquisition takes place in field trials as well as greenhouse experiments under different abiotic and biotic influencing factors. This creates a sound basis for the sensor data. Overall aim is to gain a better understanding of genotype-environment-management interactions in relation to sensor data.

Research Project

  • QuAAP: Quality Assessment of Aromatic Plants by Hyperspectral and Mass spectrometric Methods (2022-2024)


  • Moll, L., Höller, M., Hubert, C., Korte, C.A.C., Völkering, G., Wever, C., Pude, R. (2022). Cup Plant (Silphium perfoliatum L.) Biomass as Substitute for Expanded Polystyrene in Bonded Leveling Compounds. Agronomy, 12(1), 178,
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