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Utilization of biomass for biobased products (paper, packaging)

Research Projects

  • EFRE-FIS: Kompetenzschwerpunkt Biobasierte Produkte (2017-2020)


  • Havelt, T., Frase, N., Pude, R., Schmitz, M. (2020): Characterisation of bioactive ingredients in extracts of fresh and dried coniferous trees for the development of sustainable packaging materials. Processes 2020, 8(11), 1366;

  • Korte, I., Kreyenschmidt, J., Wensing, J., Bröring, S., Frase, J.N., Pude, R., Konow, C., Havelt, T., Rumpf, J., Schmitz, M., Schulze, M. (2021). Can Sustainable Packaging Help to Reduce Food Waste? A Status Quo Focusing Plant-Derived Polymers and Additives. Appl. Sci., 11(11), 5307.
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