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Dr. Van Nguyen


+49 225 / 99963-57


 Campus Klein-Altendorf 1

53359 Rheinbach

Research Projects

  • Miscanthus as primary feedstock for growing media in soilless cultivation
    Supervision: Prof. Dr. Ralf Pude, Dr. Thorsten Kraska
  • NewBias


  • Nguyen, V.T.H., Kraska, T., Winkler, W., Aydinlik, S., Jackson, B.E., Pude, R. (2022). Primary Mechanical Modification to Improve Performance of Miscanthus as Stand-Alone Growing Substrates. Agronomy, 12, 420.

  • Nguyen, V.T.H., Elfers, J., Kühn, H., Kraska, T., Pude, R. (2021). Different Miscanthus genotypes as growing media in soilless tomato cultivation and its subsequent use for combustion. Acta Hortic., 1305, 301-308.
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