Auftrennung von Inositolphosphaten
Selektion von Escherichia coli Kolonien

Inositol pyrophosphates as signaling molecules regulating plant responses to stresses 

We are especially interested in the still enigmatic inositol pyrophosphates (PP-InsPs), energy-rich molecular messengers that play key regulatory functions in eukaryotes. These molecules derive from phytate (InsP6), a known ‘anti-nutrient’ for humans and non-ruminant animals, but an important P-storage molecule for plants. Our recent work helped uncovering the question of how plants use these messengers to coordinate phosphate starvation responses and to mount defenses against necrotrophic fungi and insect herbivores. Intriguingly, some phytopathogenic bacteria potently interfere in the synthesis of these messengers. We are curious to find out how and to which purpose this is done, and how plant resistance mechanisms are built to cope against such bacterial infections.


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Prof. Dr. Gabriel Schaaf

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Dr. Verena Gaugler

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