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Avatar Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker
Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker
+ 49 228 73-4001

Leader of the CRC228 subproject

Avatar Ass. Prof. Dr. Hellen Kamiri
Ass. Prof. Dr. Hellen Kamiri
No phone

Post Docs

Avatar  Kai Behn
Kai Behn
+49 228 73-3335
Avatar Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Langensiepen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Langensiepen
+49 228 73-2924
Avatar Dr. Shyam Pariyar
Dr. Shyam Pariyar
+49 228 73-1678

PhD students

Avatar  Ahmed Abdalla
Ahmed Abdalla
no phone
Avatar  Saher Ayyad
Saher Ayyad
+49 221 8275-2316
Avatar  Md. Amirul Islam
Md. Amirul Islam
+49 228 73-3514
Avatar  Jean-Martial Johnson
Jean-Martial Johnson
+49 228 73-2924
Avatar  Daisy Muthike Mutuku
Daisy Muthike Mutuku
no phone
Avatar  Lisa-Maricia Schwarz
Lisa-Maricia Schwarz
+49 228 73-3695
Avatar  Nazwiru Tibanyendela
Nazwiru Tibanyendela
no phone

Master students

Avatar  Richelyn Rose Clavero
Richelyn Rose Clavero
keine Telefon
Avatar  Jolibe Llide
Jolibe Llide
keine Telefon
Avatar  Owen Machuku
Owen Machuku
kein Telefon
Avatar  Meschack Ndikumwenayo
Meschack Ndikumwenayo
kein Telefon
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