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Root Functional Biology group aims to understand the genetic control and adaptive strategy of root growth and development interacting with soil microbes under environmental stresses in crops.


New publication

In collaboration with Fujian Agricultural University (China), we published a research article on Nature Communications and we found that specific soil microorganisms Flavobacteriaceae and Paenibacillaceae bacteria can promote the formation of the rhizoshealth by biosynthesis of indole-3-acetic acid (IAA, a common auxin).

Prof. Jinliang Yang | Talk

Prof. Jinliang Yang from University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA on "Harnessing the naturally occurring beneficial microbes for N-resilient crop development". Prof. Yang is working on plant breeding and genetics, quantitative genetics, functional genomics in maize/crops.

Welcome New Lab Member!

We are very excited to announce that Root Functional Biology Lab is welcoming new PhD student researcher Ms Xiaofang Huang, who is funded by DFG.



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