• Carlos Angulo-Villacis, Ecuador
    Influence of climate variability on rice yields and methane emissions in the Philippines
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Christina Ripken, Germany
    Resilience and vulnerability of wetlands
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Christopher Kanema, Zambia
    Production potential of wetland soils of the Kafue Flats in Zambia
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Barbara Gronau, Deutschland
    Einfluss der Symbionten an der Wurzel von Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata) und Buschbohne (Phaseolus vulgaris) auf die Vorgänge im Spross
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Suchit Shrestha, Nepal
    Phenological and agronomical responses of rice genotypes to changes in planting date in a high altitude cropping system of Nepal
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Tam Aung, Myanmar
    Physiological mechanisms of iron toxicity in lowland rice
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Raja Ram Khanal, Nepal
    Phyllochron and leaf development in field grown rice genotypes under varying thermal environments of a high altitude cropping system
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Alhassan Lansah Abdulai, Ghana
    Morphological and physiological responses of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L. Moench.) to different patterns of drought
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Dilys Sefakor Kpongor, Ghana
    Developing a standardized procedure to screen lowland rice (Oryza sativa) seedlings for tolerance to iron toxicity
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Keshab Raj Pande, Nepal
    Managing seasonal soil nitrogen dynamics in rice - wheat cropping systems of Nepal
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Haben Tedla Asgedom, Eritrea
    Effect of seed-priming with water and nutrient solutions on germination, seedling growth, and weed competitiveness of cereals in Eritrea
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS


  • Thuweba Diwani, Kenya
    Crop management (harvesting method and de- flowering) in leafy vegetables (Amaranth and Solanum spp.) under drought stress
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

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