• Jenny Melendez Cuero, Colombia (2006)
    Maintaining the yield of upland rice under intensified land use in slash-and-burn systems of West Africa
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Ngome Ajebesone Francis E., Cameroon (2006)
    The contribution of nitrogen fixation by field-grown common beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) to N balances in agricultural production systems of Kakamega District, Kenya
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Uday Sankar Das, Bangladesh (2004)
    Modeling concepts for sodium and potassium uptake in rice plants as a function of transpiration
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Keshav Prasad Dahal, Nepal (2004)
    Salinity effects on tiller and leaf appearance and on development rate of individual leaf positions in irrigated rice
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

  • Maurice Ochieng Ouko, Kenya (2003)
    Nitrate reductase activity in rice as a screening tool for weed competitiveness
    Forschungsbereich: PITROS

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