Production systems changes

Team member document and quantify change dynamics and rice- and wheat-based production systems. They assess the drivers of change and derive suitable policy recommendations for future land use systems in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Egypt, Myanmar, Philippines, Vietnam, and Zambia.

Highland rice in Nepal
© Shyam Pariyar

Highland rice in Nepal.

Rice threshing in Burkina Faso
© Jean-Martial Johnson

Rice threshing in Burkina Faso.

Irrigation agriculture in Zambia
© Owen Machuku

Irrigation agriculture in Zambia.


Avatar Pariyar

Dr. Shyam Pariyar

Avatar Becker

Prof. Dr. Mathias Becker

Student projects:

Ahmed Abdalla: Transition towards sustainable wheat-based system in Egypt - fiat panis

Saher Ayyad: Exploring water fluxes for agricultural production in African croplands - Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation

Md. Amirul Islam: System shifts and transitions in rice-based systems of Bangladesh - BMZ, AFSAF-Academy

Richelyn R. Clavero: Rice-based production system shifts in the Philippines - DAAD

Owen Machuku: Changes in rice based production systems in the Zambesi floodplain, Zambia - DAAD

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