Welcome New Lab Member!

We are very delighted to announce that Root Functional Biology Lab is welcoming new visiting PhD student Baogang Yu from China Agricultural University, China.

PhenoRob Seminar Series

Dr. Peng Yu will give a talk within the PhenoRob Seminar Series next Friday at 10 AM on "Genetic basis of root-microbiome association in maize".

Bacteria help plants grow better

A current study by scientists of the University of Bonn and Southwest University in China sheds light on an unusual interdependence: Maize can attract special soil bacteria that, in turn, help the plants to grow better. In the long term, the results could be used to breed new varieties that use less fertilizer and therefore have less impact on the environment. The study is published in the prestigious journal Nature Plants.

Welcome New Lab Member!

We are very delighted to officially announce that the Root Functional Biology Lab is welcoming our new technician Selina Fot! She will join the Emmy Noether Project and will be working on root-microbe interaction in maize.

New publication

In cooperation with several German and Chinese groups, Peng Yu published three new publications (two original articles and one review) in the journal "Frontiers in Microbiology" as co-author.

Master thesis: Root-microbe interaction in maize

The Emmy Noether Root Functional Biology group is seeking students who are interested in root-microbe interaction in maize. The main purpose of the project is to explore root development and its interaction with soil microbes in maize.

Technische Assistenz

Das INRES - Root Functional Biology sucht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt befristet für zunächst drei Jahre mit der Option auf Verlängerung für weitere drei Jahre Technische Assistenz in Vollzeit.

Die Arbeitsgruppe von Dr. Peng Yu beschäftigt sich mit der Charakterisierung von Genen, die bei der Wurzelbildung von Mais und der Überlegenheit von Maishybriden im Vergleich zu ihren Eltern eine Rolle spielen. Dabei kommt ein breites Spektrum molekularbiologischer Methoden zum Einsatz.

PhD position in DFG Emmy Noether Research Group

The Root Functional Biology group led by Dr. Peng Yu is seeking a highly motivated and hard-working scientist to work on the genetic and molecular mechanisms of crop-microbe interaction.

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